Tired of being broke, feeling stuck, and not going anywhere in your business or life? 

I have been there too, and it’s not that awesome-sauce.

The good news is, life doesn’t have to be that way. I am living proof that it doesn’t matter what your income or current life situation is, you CAN and DESERVE to have whatever you are bold enough to pursue, whether that be traveling the world or becoming the CEO of your own corporation, or BOTH! And that journey starts here.

My name is Liz Wright and I am the founder and CEO of LTF Coaching. It is my passion to help budding entrepreneurs and wanderlust travelers find talents and resources they already have, to help them quickly move past fear and procrastination, and create a travel-preneur lifestyle of freedom and luxury.

I began my own journey over 10 years ago as a fledgling entrepreneur trying to make my way out of the nest of Corporate America. After years of studying other successful entrepreneurs as well as being mentored and coached by 6 and 7 figure income earners in the direct sales industry, I finally achieved the elusive “10K in one day” and thought I could make it out on my own. Unfortunately at about the same time, the economy and real estate market took a nose dive, and I found myself once again struggling on a waitress salary and right back at zero. (You can read more about my story here.)

With dreams unfulfilled and bucket list items still unchecked, I decided that the world couldn’t wait until I was wealthy or retired, or both. I packed up whatever I could carry on my back, and with $30 left in my bank account and no credits cards, I spent the next 18 months traveling through 24 countries around Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

I started this website as a way for family and friends back home to know where I was and what new adventures I was up to. Eventually more and more people started asking me HOW I was doing it. I realized that the system I had used to travel the world had also been used to start and fund my first few businesses, and I wanted a way to be able to help others do the same, regardless of what their current financial situation was or their end goal. And if the lessons I learned both in my travels and years of sales and business experience could shorten the timeframe for someone else, even better!

My belief is that it doesn’t matter WHERE you are, you just have start SOMEWHERE, which is why I am so glad you stopped by! 

Through my blog, books, group coaching and workshops and transformational retreats, there’s hopefully something here to get you started, or at least pointed in the right direction.

There’s some cool stuff you’ll find here like:

  • Awesome world travel and lifestyle advice, and no, you don’t have to be rich to travel the world.
  • Financial resources for help fund that next big dream trip or business
  • World class coaching to help get over the road blocks in life like fear, procrastination, and self doubt and whatever might be holding you back and preventing you from moving forward.
  • Assessments and goal setting strategy sessions and accountability
  • Private conference calls, exclusive trainings and travel invites and deals.
  • A great community of like-minded travelpreneurs and other people who are kicking ass and taking names!

If this sounds helpful, fill out your name and email address below so I can bring you into our awesome community. It’s free…and I won’t share your email with anyone else or bombard you with lot’s of useless spam ( I don’t like that crap either.)

By signing up, I’ve got a few really cool free tools to get you started!

Okay, done? Awesome. You’re going to love it! :)

Here’s a few fun facts about me:

  • I am one of ten kids in my family (which gives me lot’s of practice of how to get along with people, and sometimes how NOT to get along with people.) From this experience, I actually helped my dad write a book on parenting. (He dictated, I wrote, since I can’t claim any kids of my own…yet!) You can check it out here…
  • I am a member of the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International and would LOVE to speak “How to find your Superman Human Powers!”
  • I have my degree in Communications, and I’m also working on certification for NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as well as becoming a ”Law of Attraction Practitioner.”
  • I have a passion for life, adventure, and helping other people find their bliss.
  • If you’re a Facebook person or on Linked In, please feel free to send me a request. I love meeting new people and making new friends. Or simply “Like” my facebook page at www.facebook.com/travel.wright.now



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  1. You’re amazing! You’re awesome!
    You’re incredible! You’re talented! You’re smart and witty! And you’re beautiful!

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