Where did Corned Beef even come from? 5 Food Myths and their real Origins

Another Saint Patricks day. A day full of parades, drunk college kids, the annoying pinch if you forgot to wear grean, and the delicious smell of corned beef simmering in a pot, filled to the brim with cabbage, pototoes, and carrots. As we … Continue reading

Yes Virginia, There was a Holocaust. Oh how the states have changed!!!

My thirteen year old niece recently came to visit before the holidays. Even though we were meeting on grim circumstances (my 94-year-old grandmother passed shortly after I returned home) it was quality time with family to share the holidays as well as the stories and … Continue reading

Lizzy Ate a Bloody Lamb…Celebrating the Sheep Festival of Morocco

It’s always interesting when a festival or holiday takes place while visiting a new country. I look at it as an extra window to view new customs and traditions, opening the door for a cultural exchange not even the best … Continue reading