Situated in the south of Europe just across the boot of Italy, it shares the warm climate of the mediterranean, but is also at the base of a beautiful mountain range, creating a large system of Fjords and islands perfect for the nature enthusiast. It combines some of the culture of Eastern Europe with it’s neighboring countries being Serbia and Croatia with many Greek influences as well.  The coastal towns are quickly becoming a hot spot for some of the wealthy and elite.


The beautiful Blue Grotto in Herceg Novi

Why Go?

I can’t even begin to describe the beauty I found in this country where the mountains meet the sea, and for a tall girl like myself, the rumors are true. There are plenty of tall and beautiful people here!  Tip: If you are vertically challenged (aka “short,” you may want to invest in a portable step ladder, as even the ATM machines are taller than average.) There are activities for the nature lover as well as those who are seeking luxury.

Getting There and around:

Getting to the coast can be quite expensive (Tivat would be the closest airport) although if you fly into Dubrovnik Croatia, it as an easy bus ride away. You can also get there by ferry coming into Bar from Greece as well as Italy, or if you prefer to travel by train, Podgorica (the capitol) is connected by rail from neigboring countries. The local bus system is quite reliable and inexpensive to get to the main points of interest (such as Budva and Kotor.)

Things to See and Do:

From relaxing on one of the many beaches, to snorkeling in the “Blue Grotto” in Herceg Novi, to kayaking through the peaceful fjords, it is a haven for the nature enthusiast. A hike to the top of the fortress in old town Kotor will take your breath away and there is nothing more peaceful than sailing through the fjords in the morning fog on a ferry.

The party town of Budva which sits on the Adriatic is also quite lively with it’s own Old Town and plenty of opportunities for shopping, and the resort island of Sveti Stefan is quickly becoming a top resort destination of the rich and famous. Heading up north further into the mountains, you will find hidden monastaries, hiking, river rafting,  as well as affordable sking in the winter time.

Night Life:

You can find an abundance of clubs in Old Town Kotor as well as in Budva and even in the small town of Tivat. Having a coffee in one of the many cafe’s along the water is a popular activity, day or night. Many locals will spend hours chatting away there. There are many beachside bars as well which in season, can be just as crowded as a popular resort town in Greece.


There are many hostels and guest houses in some of the main towns such as Kotor, Tivat, Budva and Bar. Hotels along the port can be quite expensive in season, but if you prefer, locals will often rent out rooms as pensions to tourists (simply look for the signs outside of their home.) Also, the further you go up north, the more opportunities there are for camping.




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