My Top 5 Adventure Tours

My first canyoneering experiencing in the French Alps.

If you couldn’t tell already, I LOVE adventure. So many of the activities and tours that I choose to participate in center around getting that extra boost of adrenaline. Because I save so much money in some of the other areas I travel, tours are something I am happy spend a little more money on (especially if it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.) I have listed my top five here (so far) based on the level of adrenaline they provide as well their pricing.

1. Canyoneering in the French Alps (Moderate)

Canyoneering is descending through a mountain canyon by climbing, rappelling, swimming and jumping through slippery waterfalls and ravines. Depending on the height of the cliffs it can provide a fair level of adrenaline and is recommended for someone with a moderate level of fitness. My trip was done in the Loup Gorge in the French Alps and was arranged by the hostel, but it can be done where ever you might find a decent mountain canyon (Such as Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, and in the U.S. Utah and Colorado.) Pricing will depend on the location, but I paid about 40 Euro (around $60) for a day trip which included all gear rental, transportation and a guide.

2. Caving (Budapest Hungary) (Moderate)

In Hungary, there is a complex system of underground thermal activity creating caves underneith many parts of Budapest and surrounding cities. This creates another great activity for those not afraid of the dark or confined spaces. As tour guides lead you through tiny crevices, narrow ravines, and deep into the unknown and sometimes unseen, you can’t help but wonder if and when you will see the light of day again. This is definitely not for the claustrophobic, but there are alternate, easier paths for the beginner.

3.Scuba Diving (Red Sea, Egypt)

If you want to visit an an entirely new world, try scuba-diving. There are many diving centers around the world that will allow a “try dive” which does not require any training or certification other than a quick lesson on and off the boat of how to use the equipment. You will be with a guide the entire time who will hold your hand and keep their eye on your equipment as you dive about 10 meters or 30 feet deep. Diving is not for everyone, but this is definitely a great way to decide if it’s right for you. I found myself staring a Dolphin and it’s calf right in the eye, and I can’t even describe the feeling. Countries where diving is less expensive and a good place to try are in Thailand, Belize, and the Red Sea in Egypt.

4.Camel Trekking (Sahara Dessert, Morocco) (Mild)

The idea of riding a camel through the dessert has adventure written all over it. Once we were bored with the busy, crowded markets of Marrakech, we packed up our camels and rode off into the sunset to the sahara dessert. A traditional berber tent was set up as we prepared an authentic Moroccan meal over the campfire. Trips can be arranged anywhere from an overnight stay, to a few days, to weeks trekking through the dessert. To add a little excitement from the slow camel ride, try hopping on a pair of skis or snowboard and hit the steep dunes for some sandboarding.

5. Floating in the Dead Sea (Israel and Jordan) (Mild)

There’s nothing like the feeling of NOT being able to sink while swimming in a sea of salt, or being at the lowest place on earth. As you head through vast desert down steep and winding roads and descend lower and lower, you finally arrive at the lowest place on earth. There are several stops along the way such as the beautiful city of Jericho, with monastaries carved right into the side of the mountain. If you keep heading south, you can continue on to Jordan to visit the ancient city of Petra (a truly spectucular and stunning site itself.)

No matter where you decide to go, you can find adventure anywhere in the world! So what are some of your favorite adventures or trips you have taken? What have you been too afraid to do?

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