PYSCHO Valentine….My Crazy Travel love stories

 Valentines Day, the day when everyone who is single wishes they were with someone, and everyone who has a significant other doesn’t understand why they need a holiday (in addition to birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas) to profess their undying love to each other.

It seems like only yesterday that I was in Budapest Hungary, receiving a rose shaped box with a lovely pair of thong underwear stuffed inside, (complete with the gigantic set of lips right near the you know what) from a guy I had met at a bar a few days earlier. If that doesn’t scream romance, I don’t know what does! What I failed to mention was it actually was supposed to be an apology for his rather stalker-like behavior a few days before (on Valentines Day) when I told him that I was working and couldn’t go out with him.

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Is traveling without money possible? 10 ways to travel for FREE

We all know what it’s like to fill the pinch of the changing economy. And how many of us have put off traveling or taking that next vacation because we don’t have extra piles of money lying around? Well, with a little creativity, money (or lack of it) doesn’t have to keep us from still taking that next vacation or travel adventure.  Here are a few ways to travel for FREE (or pretty darn close to it.)

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A full ski package in Europe for less than 35 Euros a day?

For most of us, when we think of a winter ski vacation, we think of a ski chalet in the French or Swiss Alps. Unfortunately, for the traveler on a budget, the words “alps” and “cheap” don’t necessarily go hand in hand. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the fresh mountain air altogether. It just might mean choosing a different mountain top, like the High Tatra mountains in Slovakia. Continue reading

Shamrocks, Leprechauns and lots of SNOW?

What’s not to love about Ireland? Tiny green men promising  pots of gold and lucky charms? The warm hospitality of the locals who will literally bend over backwards to help you? The possibility of running into Gerard Butler as you wander around aimlessly looking for Killarney National Park? All of these reasons and more made Ireland one of the top destinations on my top list of travels.

When a local woman I met on the ferry insisted that her father drive me to my hostel after we arrived, it reconfirmed the warm Irish hospitality, but I was unprepared for the shockingly cold weather. Granted it was January and I know the weather there is unpredictable,  but a snow-jacket and boots? Where were all these green rolling hills full of four-leaf clovers? (They were there, just covered in a haze of cold, wet, white stuff.) Continue reading

Is traveling with kids possible?

Is traveling with kids possible?

It was a question I got asked a lot while on the road, and a question that you might also encounter one day if you choose to travel solo. Yes I am alone.  Yes I do want to be a mom and plan on having kids one day. No I am not worried that I will wait too long and never find anyone or be able to have babies, and thanks for making me feel like a shriveling old spinster instead of the active, adventure seeking thirty-year old woman I am. Whatever happened to “thirty, flirty, and thriving?”

 Surrounded by 8 of my 14 nieces and nephews as I take a break momentarily from wandering the globe to visit family, I feel priorities begin to shift around me and I wonder if it’s time to finally choose a place to plant some roots for a while. This paradigm shift has made me question the very passion that has been driving me for the last two years of my life! Can I really be a mom and travel at the same time? Or will I finally have to give up travel and find a place to settle down?

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