The Search for the Naked Man…Appreciating fine art in Italy

Maybe it’s because I’ve been single for a while, but I couldn’t come to Italy without meeting the sexiest man in all of Europe. He’s tall, handsome, and has abs I could wash my growing pile of dirty clothes on. He’s an extremely good listener, and the best part about him is there’s no language barrier. Without saying a word we completely understand each other. But there is one small problem. Because of his highly successful career, I would have to stay in Florence to be with him, which kind of puts a damper on the rest of my traveling plans. Oh David, whatever shall we do?

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Favorite What do you do for a living?? I TRAVEL!!!!

Yesterday began the start of another adventure. After a 3 month pit stop in Monaco to refuel my travel funds, I packed up my dusty suitcase and headed back on the road towards the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy. It occurred to me somewhere between hauling my over packed suitcase, trying to decipher the train schedules and language once I crossed the border, and the exhausting 12 hours it took me to finally get to my destination, that this traveling stuff is hard work!!! And as the question often gets asked about what I do for living I realized the answer yesterday. I travel! Continue reading

Favorite Failing Forward

you're fired

“With every adversity comes with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

I’ve decided it’s not fun being fired. Especially since it’s the second time now this summer. Alright, so both times were by the same employer who obviously didn’t know what she wanted, but still it doesn’t make it easier. I like leaving a situation with the upper hand, knowing that my services were appreciated and valued and that I left a positive impression. (There I go again, trying to be the people pleaser and worrying about what everyone thinks about me.) Nevermind the fact that if someone doesn’t communicate exactly what they want, it makes it rather difficult to deliver or meet their expectations. Even though the season is just about finished, it still doesn’t take the sting away. Why now, when we are so close to the finish line? Was it really so bad that it couldn’t wait another two weeks when I was planning on leaving anyway?

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31 Lessons I’ve learned while traveling this year….

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Yesterday I turned 31. Wow, that’s hard to write (even harder to say) and it reminds me just how fast life really passes by. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to get older, and now that I’m getting older, I am afraid (or maybe just not quite ready) to finally grow up. I hope to always keep that child-like spirit, but there’s this nagging clock ticking in the back of my head telling me that maybe it’s time to start thinking about putting the suitcases away and go back to a “normal” life. For anyone that has traveled as I have (and I’m not talking about a vacation, but actually living out of your suitcase for months on end and making the world your home) maybe you can relate to the feeling of no longer knowing what “normal” is. Traveling is “normal” for me, and maybe it means sacrificing other things now (a permanent home, a family, a dog maybe) but I know in time, life will let me know when I’m ready to take on that next adventure. As I look back on this past year since turning gulp…. “30”  Continue reading

I want my sexy back!!! How to feel and look great on the road

I don’t like buying designer labels. For one, I hate to see all my hard-earned money go to something that I could get for a fraction of the price without the label. Two, it can make you an easy target when you’re traveling as people can sometimes mistake you for a rich tourist (which I’m not.) I ripped the label off a Prada handbag (a knock-off of course) that I bought in Barcelona after someone reached inside and stole my wallet while riding on the bus. Of course, it could have happened just as easily with any bag, but I didn’t want to increase the chance of a second occurence.

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