How I worked my way around the world

For most people, I would say the biggest reason they never get out and see the world is money (or the lack of it.) Coming from a rather large family, the most exotic trip we ever took growing up was to the nearest campground in Northern California. Now if you’re the nature loving, tree hugging, go to all the national parks sort of traveler then that’s perfectly fine, but my point is that the vacations to Hawaii and Europe in my family were non-existent. I’m not complaining (in fact I loved those camping trips) but I knew if I wanted to see more. it was going to require a little creativity.

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The journey of 8000 miles begins with one step….

Why is that we always wait until New Years to set a new goal for ourselves? This will be the year to….stop smoking?…Get out of debt?…. Lose weight…(fill in the blank with whatever applies to you.) And despite our best intentions. how often do we find ourselves setting the same goals and hoping to reach them year after year?

Is it because we’ve set too high or challenging of a goal? Or is it because we’ve failed to take the necessary (and consistent) action to make that goal a reality? (I emphasis consistency here because it’s one thing to get a gym membership in January, but another thing to be the only one in that empty gym come February or March.)

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There’s no place like “home” until you lose your magic slippers. Dealing with homesickness from abroad


Another summer day, has come and gone away in Paris and Rome, (well actually Monaco) but I wanna go home. Ah that magical word which can have so many different meanings. Being away from family and friends for so long and the personal changes I have gone through since traveling have made me realize that I no longer know where “home” is. Continue reading

How to travel solo and be happy on the lonely days

 “Some days you’ll play lonely games too.”

One of my favorite authors growing up was Dr. Seuss. I loved the rhymes, the silly names and characters, and with a little deeper thinking, the morals and lessons he would weave into his stories. It wasn’t until I was in college that I got my hands on a copy of his final book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” a parting gift from one of my professors on the last day of class. The book ended up in a box with my tassel and gown but I never forgot the lessons the inspiration and motivation it gave me to help me through a broken engagement, starting a business, and the biggest and scariest adventure of all….growing up. In that book he talks about the decisions we make in life as well as the ups and downs that go with it. Continue reading

What Yachting Taught me about Success: A View From the Porthole Window

Spending the summer in the French Riviera working for a multi billionaire I’m surrounded by glitz, glamour, and what most people might consider “success.” I watch as hoards of tourists come in from the cruise ships, posing in front of the Aston Martin’s and the Rolls Royce parked outside the yachts, dreaming of trading in their normal life for the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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