14102432_10154540731790362_7096767046998952661_nThinking of hiring Liz for your next event?

Would you like a speaker who is dynamic, creative, and full of energy?

Are you seeking a trainer who loves to teach and involve her audience, and will not just motivate but give the tools needed to go out and take action towards their goals?

Liz has a passion for teaching and inspiring others to move past their fears and limitations and live a passion filled life, whether that be through travel, business, sales, or moving through difficult life transitions.

From a young age, Liz has enjoyed performing on stage, and even helped write and perform the lead in her high school musical. Her involvement in theater and her desire to teach others and help transform their lives has made the transition to professional speaking an easy one.

She brings a wealth of life experience not only from her world travels but also from the hospitality and customer service industry where she worked as a trainer and coach for several years. She later was mentored and partnered with top income earners in the direct sales industry, learning valuable skills in sales, business, and entrepreneurship. She has been on all sides of the income scale from flat broke to rubbing shoulders with multi-billionaires while living and working overseas.

Her dynamic energy and ability to adapt to any audience make her a perfect fit for sales groups, corporations, entrepreneurs, colleges, high schools and women’s groups, or any group that is struggling to define their own goals or break through barriers.

Whether it’s a keynote or workshop, Liz’s creative and energetic style will both entertain and educate your audiences.


Testimonial: “I was lucky enough to attend one of Liz’s events, and loved it so much I asked if she could do the same thing at my school. It inspired me to follow my dreams, and that night I made a goal to one day perform for the London Symphony. Since then I have set and accomplished many goals leading up to this dream including getting the “First Chair” in my band as a flute soloist. Next year I will be traveling to London for the first time with my high school band. I am SO excited!” Leanna LaReaux, age 15


Testimonial: “Liz has inspired me to travel and do things I probably would have never experienced if it wasn’t for her. From working on yachts here in the U.S. to recently traveling abroad for the first time, I now know how exciting it is to embrace a new culture. I am so happy that I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone and discover what the world has to offer. I cannot wait until my next adventure!” Christy Berg, Salt Lake City Utah

Click here to contact Liz for rates and availability. She is also available for media interviews and or guest blog posts.




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