Favorite What do you do for a living?? I TRAVEL!!!!

Yesterday began the start of another adventure. After a 3 month pit stop in Monaco to refuel my travel funds, I packed up my dusty suitcase and headed back on the road towards the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy. It … Continue reading

I want my sexy back!!! How to feel and look great on the road

I don’t like buying designer labels. For one, I hate to see all my hard-earned money go to something that I could get for a fraction of the price without the label. Two, it can make you an easy target when you’re traveling as … Continue reading

What Yachting Taught me about Success: A View From the Porthole Window

Spending the summer in the French Riviera working for a multi billionaire I’m surrounded by glitz, glamour, and what most people might consider “success.” I watch as hoards of tourists come in from the cruise ships, posing in front of … Continue reading