Favorite What do you do for a living?? I TRAVEL!!!!

Yesterday began the start of another adventure. After a 3 month pit stop in Monaco to refuel my travel funds, I packed up my dusty suitcase and headed back on the road towards the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy. It … Continue reading

There’s no place like “home” until you lose your magic slippers. Dealing with homesickness from abroad

  Another summer day, has come and gone away in Paris and Rome, (well actually Monaco) but I wanna go home. Ah that magical word which can have so many different meanings. Being away from family and friends for so … Continue reading

How to travel solo and be happy on the lonely days

 “Some days you’ll play lonely games too.” One of my favorite authors growing up was Dr. Seuss. I loved the rhymes, the silly names and characters, and with a little deeper thinking, the morals and lessons he would weave into … Continue reading